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Premier Ranch West

1,920 acres near San Angelo, TX offering hunts for all manner of exotic game. Special exotics may be hunted by vehicle in a safari-style format, while traditional blind hunts are available for whitetail and other exotics.

Whitetail Rate

Trophy Hunt


the country

southern Tom Green County

With landscape transitioning from the Edwards Plateau into the Osage Plains, the ranch blends wooded stands of oak and cedar with brushy savannas. Despite low annual rainfall for Tom Green County (giving a distinct West Texas feel), Premier Ranch West boasts a resilient and rich turf of grass. This turf quality allows the ranch to support healthy whitetail and exotic populations.

the lodge

5 Bedrooms, 5 Bathrooms

Updated in 2019, the lodge comfortably hosts groups of 15 guests. Attractive social features, like the fireplace and outdoor fire pit, make natural gathering places for friends and family.

the wildlife

The ranch boasts a variety of exotic species. These animals have been introduced with careful attention to their fit within the existing ecosystem and contribution to the overall hunting experience.

Exotic Estimates

Due to market volatility, the listed prices are general estimates rather than exact quotes. Call or email to get quoted for the dates of your hunt.




Black Hawaiian

Hybrid Ibex


Mouflon Ram














Oryx Scimitar

Red Sheep

Spanish Goat

Texas Dall Sheep









Exotic Rates
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